Manufacture and Quality

Our company owns its own production line and is a professional hand tool manufacturer. We adopt the state-of-the-art equipment in production. We give consideration to the standardization of our product quality and the scale of overall outputs. Therefore, while working with customers' delivery term, we have quite confidence and certainty to complete our customers' assignments. 
A streamlined production flow results from our experiences over the years. We have the capacity of integrating the upstream, middle stream, and downstream resources, and the follow-up finished products assembly and packing are within the control of the manufacturing process. QC quality control includes random inspection on the production process, assembly test and final product inspection and test. These are what we care about the most in production.
The professional quality control staff strictly control the entire production process from the products' R&D to the production run. Furthermore, we set up the independent quality management office; the professional staff strictly guard the quality aiming at each manufacturing process to maintain the products of stable and high quality. 
We possess all kinds of precise test instruments/ apparatuses, for instance, the coordinate measuring machine, the internal/ external diameter micrometer, the digital measuring apparatus,  the standard block/bar gage, the torque spanner, the granite platform, the cylinder gage, the image  projector, the surface profiler, the air-tight tester, the hardness meter, and the electronic nonius, etc.
We pay attention to each stage of production, to ensure that each order can meet the client's  demands. From R&D to production, the professional staff rigorously control the entire process, and  aim for each manufacturing process to adhere strictly to the company's high quality standards, in  order to consistently generate high quality products.
We will absolutely provide our customers with the best service quality and believe that we will meet the demands of the customers. Our processing works is trustable and we absolutely are able to meet customers' demands, with our competitive manufacturing costs and excellent quality and you are the most welcome to contact us!